How to keep a healthy mind at university

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Daily physical activity improves your physical and mental health. Any exercise is better than no exercise, but 30 minutes per day of exercise that increases your heart rate to a robust level (such as running) is recommended.

Take time to relax

Taking time each day to do something that you find relaxing is important for your mental health. It might be listening to or playing music, reading a book, talking to a friend, or meditating – whatever you find to be relaxing.

Time management

Having structure in your day and an understanding of what activities and deadlines are coming up can help you avoid unnecessary stress, help keep your mood stable, and help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.


Sleep is an important part of staying healthy. Although the amount necessary varies from person to person, most adults need 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night. Limit/avoid alcohol or drugs (including cigarettes and caffeine) Although you may feel better temporarily, alcohol, marijuana and other drugs won’t solve your problems and may even make them worse in the long-term. Build healthy relationships Having a good support network of people that you can talk to when necessary for help or advice is an important part of staying mentally healthy. Also, helping others is a good way to boost your health. Read more at:

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