Cracking open days

Student Underground is the alternative UK education blog and they’ve come up with the six top tips on getting most out of university Open Days. #1 DO YOUR RESEARCH While it’s tempting to just wander around those universities within an hour’s drive or so, surf the net and read some prospectuses to find out at least 3 or 4 that really appeal to you. It doesn’t matter if some of them are over 200 miles away - doing this legwork now means you’re much more likely to enjoy the results of your journey. Find out and consider the following: Do they actually offer the course you want to take? If so, what’s involved and how is it structured? Does it cover all the content you want to learn more about?

Top 10 Tips to Staying Safe at Uni

The Complete University Guide says that simple precautions don’t cost much time or money. Don’t act after the event, or wait until something has been stolen – follow their advice now Take responsibility for yourself You cannot always rely on others to look out for your best interests. Make sure your mobile is charged and able to make calls when you go out, in case of an emergency or if you lose the people you are with. Try to leave a pub or club with friends, keep money you need to get home separate so that you don’t spend it, and pre-book a licensed taxi or know the locations of official taxi ranks. Your students’ union should have a list of recommended companies. Have precautions in place

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