We know that parents overbuy products and equipment in the pre-uni frenzy so we’ve come up with four tried and tested starter packs which will save you time and money, delivered to your house before you leave for uni.

The Store Cupboard Essentials Pack means you’ll always have food to cook and comes with a couple

of quick recipes using ingredients from the pack to keep the wolf from the door, or you from the kebab shop (well that’s the theory). Some of these basic food items will last the duration of the first year.

The Cleaning Essentials Pack covers all the cleaning materials needed for the first year and will have been referenced in the cleaning session, so you’ll know what detergent to put in the washing machine and which bleach to pour down the toilet.

The Kitchen Essentials Pack includes all the equipment you will need in your first year (and beyond if you look after them) from spatulas and chopping boards to oven dishes and measuring jugs.

The Bedding Essentials Pack comes with a single duvet, two pillows and a mattress and pillow protectors. Bath towel, hand towel, fluffy bath mat, laundry bag, extension socket and waste paper bin are also included (all done and dusted). All you will need to do is choose your own duvet cover (which we think you will want to do).