Is there strife on Mars?

The International Space Station: a cramped assortment of corridors, labs and claustrophobic crew quarters. But despite the lack of privacy and personal space in space, astronauts live in peace for months on end and get on like a house on fire. Down on Earth, however, the harmony in a typical flatshare can be easily unsettled - often triggered by toilet paper, dirty dishes, loud music and milk theft. Today, in a bid to help Earth’s flatmates achieve the kind of shared living serenity that comes so easily to astronauts, leading flatshare site SpareRoom has appointed former NASA astronaut and ISS commander Terry Virts to the unique role of ‘House Share Goodwill Ambassador’ In his new role, Terr

Can we do more to help students settle?

Speaking recently to the parent of a university student, underlined the different stages that many young people are at when they arrive at university. Her daughter had lasted less than a week at her halls of residence. Freshers Week for her was an endless round of pre-drinks and then more cheap drinking in the student union, something she wasn’t used to. As a county netball player she wanted to play in the netball team but was scared rigid by the “initiation” ceremony which involved more drinking “games” on the coach to the first match. She ran back to her room, called her mum and asked to be picked up immediately. While she continued with the course, she decided to live at home which was lu

Universities need to smarten up their drug act – say students

Two student surveys on drug use show conflicting results yet the majority of students want their universities to be tougher on students who repeatedly use illegal drugs and the dealers themselves. A study from the Higher Education Policy Institute (Hepi) and the University of Buckingham found 71% of students had not taken illegal drugs, yet almost 40% thought their university had a "problem" with drug use. One-quarter of students had taken illegal drugs in the past year and nearly half of these had felt peer pressure to do so. Eight-out-of-ten (81%) of those who taken illegal drugs while in higher education say they have done so for recreational purposes and only 6% say it is to cope ‘with d

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