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Universities Minister Sam Gyimah has just written an op-ed after he announced that hundreds of thousands of prospective students will have more choice than ever before over what they can study at university with the expansion of two-year degrees. Here's what he said: "The UK is lucky to have a thriving higher education system. Our universities regularly rank amongst the best in the world. And their doors are open to anyone with the potential to succeed, including more disadvantaged students than ever before. Gone are the days when going to university was reserved for the fortunate few. We are now in a new ‘age of the student’, where universities’ success depends on responding to a wide range

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While our universities debate the loco in parentis question, Shenzhen University in China is taking the initiative to improve academic results by sending students’ reports to parents after the government demanded that students use their time more profitably on campus. Selective students were said to have been asked for confirmation of their home address and then realised that parents were being sent their latest academic results. Cue panicked students who knew they had been slacking rushing home to intercept the letters, while others took to social media to complain.

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