Young people's career aspirations versus reality

Office for National Statistics (ONS) analysis has revealed a sizeable difference between young people's earlier dreams and reality, by comparing the ambitions of those aged 16 to 21 with the realities facing 22 to 29-year-olds today. So, did they end up in their dream jobs? Teaching was the only dream job ranked in the top five by 16 to 21-year-olds between 2011 and 2012 in which 22 to 29-year-olds found employment during 2017. The job category that most ended up working in was as sales assistants and retail cashiers, which has been the case since 2011. We can see certain jobs falling in and out favour, with IT professionals jumping up the ranks by 2017, and construction taking the biggest f

How to keep a healthy mind at university

Good advice from in on Exercise Daily physical activity improves your physical and mental health. Any exercise is better than no exercise, but 30 minutes per day of exercise that increases your heart rate to a robust level (such as running) is recommended. Take time to relax Taking time each day to do something that you find relaxing is important for your mental health. It might be listening to or playing music, reading a book, talking to a friend, or meditating – whatever you find to be relaxing. Time management Having structure in your day and an understanding of what activities and deadlines are coming up can help you avoid unnecessary stress, help

New look Freshers

Freshers’ Week could be no more. Before you keel over in shock, there still will be “freshers’ week” but maybe not as you’ve been expecting. The reason is (and we’re really pleased about this but perhaps need to see more evidence) it’s been reinvented. Generation Sensible may have arrived. The latest Office for National Statistics data says that school leavers are now drinking and smoking less than ever before. And feedback from students at some universities such as Hull has led to the creation of its WelcomeFest where more than half of the events which include speed friending, quizzes and fairs are alcohol free and the word “freshers” is nowhere to be seen. Its nightclub is open only once a

You're off to uni!

You’re actually off to uni in a few weeks’ time – here’s our top tips on preparing to leave:Work out your budget ASAP if you haven’t already. A simple spread sheet of income (student loan) and expenditure will quickly show what the shortfall is. Rent, food, bills, going out, public transport costs soon mount up. Check out for lots of tips on budgeting. Your maintenance loan will not cover living and accommodation costs, so can your parents cover the shortfall? You’re unlikely to get a part-time job straight away. Arrange phone and laptop insurance Ask your doctor for the Meningitis jab before you go You don’t need masses of kitchen equipment – just the basics – there’s sti

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