You're off to uni!

You’re actually off to uni in a few weeks’ time – here’s our top tips on preparing to leave:Work out your budget ASAP if you haven’t already. A simple spread sheet of income (student loan) and expenditure will quickly show what the shortfall is. Rent, food, bills, going out, public transport costs soon mount up. Check out for lots of tips on budgeting.

Your maintenance loan will not cover living and accommodation costs, so can your parents cover the shortfall? You’re unlikely to get a part-time job straight away.

Arrange phone and laptop insurance

Ask your doctor for the Meningitis jab before you go

You don’t need masses of kitchen equipment – just the basics – there’s still time to order Starter Packs from and book a workshop to make sure you are really prepared.

Get a lockable document file to store your important documents – passport, driving licence, bank details, university acceptance letter, student loan papers, accommodation contract, insurance details – take photos of these papers and email to parents for easy access if you need to claim.

Make a list and cut it by half – you really won’t need all that stuff! But don’t forget your phone and laptop chargers.

Pack the day before you leave, don’t go out the night before to celebrate your departure, you’ll probably be wrecked and annoy your parents. Stay calm and get up early on leaving day to help pack the car!

Consider car-sharing if you haven’t got your own transport.

Happy planning, the big day will soon be here!

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