All about YOU….

Arrange to have a meningitis jab if you haven’t already Get into a good study routine – same time, same place if that works for you or find a pattern that does. It’s hard but close down social media while you work Take plenty of breaks and exercise Eat well before you head out for an evening of partying and drink lots of water Keep enough cash for a taxi home or get an Uber – stay with friends Keep tabs on your sexual health – Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are on the rise, don’t have unprotected sex Call the folks back home – they’d love to know how you are settling in especially if you’re finding it tough – most people have a wobble so you won’t be alone

When you get there…

Look after your door keys – they will cost you a lot of money, time and inconvenience to be replaced Invest in earplugs if you want to work/chill/sleep when no one else does Look after your room and communal areas if you want your deposit returned – it’s so hard to live and study in a mess

7 Kitchen Tips

Just 7 to get you ready to be the master of your kitchen! Wash hands before prepping food, use kitchen roll not a tea towel to dry hands Always wipe down the cooker after cooking or it will be gross for the next person Wash pans as you go when cooking to save an unwashed stack at the end Use kitchen roll to wipe up spillages Wash tea towels regularly at 60C, change every day Use oven gloves to remove hot pans from the oven (wash these regularly) Keep pan handles turned in away from passing traffic

What's that old saying? Better to be safe than sorry....

Get insurance for your mobile phone to start the minute you leave home – you will lose or smash your phone at least once. Contents insurance for your belongings while living in halls and in private accommodation later is also a good idea, but make sure your laptop and any other high value items are included. Always lock bikes and store them inside the house if possible Buy or renew a student railcard – this will save you pounds on train travel especially if booking in advance. Cheapest way to travel is usually the Megabus but journeys can be longer. National Express coaches are worth checking out too Buy a lockable file for all your important documents like student loan papers, your passport

Basic prep

Working on the premise that you WILL be going to university....... Apply for accommodation if you haven’t already OR check what you’ve got is what you really want. Do you need an ensuite? Shared bathrooms mean you have to leave your room even if it’s just to join the queue outside the loo door! Yes, they can be mucky but we'll have some cleaning tips to follow You will probably already have a bank account but if not open one TODAY – you will need it for your student maintenance loan to be paid directly to you Start a spreadsheet – a simple one will do – incomings (student loan and parental contribution) and approximate monthly outgoings: rent (£400), groceries (£110), going out (£60) plus ut

Get cooking!

While you're waiting for results try your hand at cooking. It's great relaxer we promise and with around six weeks to go before leaving home, it's the perfect time to try out a couple of tasty nutrious meal on your family or friends. Or book on to one of our workshops to learn more skills. A cheese omelette is simple, here's how; Ingredients: 3 eggs, 2 tbsps milk, pinch of salt/pepper, olive oil, knob of butter, small hunk of cheddar cheese 1. Crack eggs into the bowl, add milk, salt and pepper and whisk for 30 seconds. 2. Heat a frying pan on a medium heat and add a glug of olive followed by a knob of butter and melt, tilting the pan to get an even coating. 3. Tip in egg mixture into fryin

Shopping around for the best university on results day

As results day draws near, The Sunday Times reports that A-Level results for 40 per cent of students will be irrelevant as they have been given unconditional offers regardless of the grades they actually achieve. Given in an attempt for universities to secure students in the scramble to fill places in a highly competitive environment, some say universities are behaving irresponsibly as the practise encourages students to take their foot off the pedal and not study to their full potential. Schools then will be lower down the league tables and students saddled with lower grades which may disadvantage them later in job applications. The advice? Even if you have been made an unconditional offer,

Aston University – reaching out into the local community

We headed to Birmingham just before the end of term to take part in Aston University’s outreach programme’s Transition Day. We delivered workshops throughout the day where around 80 local sixth formers tried out their cooking skills and learnt how to save money by making a delicious homemade salad packed with fresh ingredients and a cheese omelette – a good staple meals to have under their belt. The students also attended our session on grocery shopping, cleaning, surviving a night out and tips on looking after their wellbeing and why it’s perfectly normal for many students to have a few wobbles when they start university. This session also included the now legendary ‘changing a duvet cover’

This is the BBC calling the world (not quite!) from London

Our moment of fame (we hope one of many!) came when BBC Radio asked us to be interviewed live on radio about unicookandclean. Over the course of two hours, founder Fiona Brandhorst, featured on 12 regional radio shows up and down the country from Cumbria to Cornwall fielding questions such as “do these students really need to be taught how to clean” and “shouldn’t parents be teaching their off-spring these skills”. YES to all of the above! It was fantastic fun, if a little nerve-wracking, to be seated in a one-person studio in Broadcasting House in London waiting for each producer to call Fiona to go on air. It was a great opportunity, thanks to the producer Mike, and the team at the BEEB.

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