Get cooking!

While you're waiting for results try your hand at cooking. It's great relaxer we promise and with around six weeks to go before leaving home, it's the perfect time to try out a couple of tasty nutrious meal on your family or friends. Or book on to one of our workshops to learn more skills.

A cheese omelette is simple, here's how;

Ingredients: 3 eggs, 2 tbsps milk, pinch of salt/pepper, olive oil, knob of butter, small hunk of cheddar cheese

1. Crack eggs into the bowl, add milk, salt and pepper and whisk for 30 seconds.

2. Heat a frying pan on a medium heat and add a glug of olive followed by a knob of butter and melt, tilting the pan to get an even coating.

3. Tip in egg mixture into frying pan and using a fork bring mixture into the centre of the pan filling the gaps by tilting the pan to gently set the egg, for around 20 seconds. Grate cheese of choice onto the egg mixture and let it start to gently bubble and cook for a further 40 seconds.

4. Using a wooden spatula go round the edges of the omelette in the pan and gently loosen. The omelette should move if you gently shake the pan. Use spatula to flip over one side of the omelette to create a crescent shape and slide onto a serving plate.

Try making a filled omelette by first frying sliced mushrooms or tomatoes in a little olive oil, set aside and add at the cheese stage of cooking. Add herbs or chilli flakes to the egg mixture for a tasty twist. You can literally add anything you like.

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