Aston University – reaching out into the local community

We headed to Birmingham just before the end of term to take part in Aston University’s outreach programme’s Transition Day. We delivered workshops throughout the day where around 80 local sixth formers tried out their cooking skills and learnt how to save money by making a delicious homemade salad packed with fresh ingredients and a cheese omelette – a good staple meals to have under their belt.

The students also attended our session on grocery shopping, cleaning, surviving a night out and tips on looking after their wellbeing and why it’s perfectly normal for many students to have a few wobbles when they start university. This session also included the now legendary ‘changing a duvet cover’ secret!

The students were brilliant and really keen to find out about what to expect at university. Other sessions run by Aston staff included independent study, completing a research project task and study skills where they took part in a mock lecture and note taking session. The new Student Union building at Aston is so impressive – a really welcoming and functional space and a great addition to the campus.

The outreach programme is really important and we’re sure that the students who attended will make the best decisions next year.

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