Shopping around for the best university on results day

As results day draws near, The Sunday Times reports that A-Level results for 40 per cent of students will be irrelevant as they have been given unconditional offers regardless of the grades they actually achieve. Given in an attempt for universities to secure students in the scramble to fill places in a highly competitive environment, some say universities are behaving irresponsibly as the practise encourages students to take their foot off the pedal and not study to their full potential. Schools then will be lower down the league tables and students saddled with lower grades which may disadvantage them later in job applications. The advice? Even if you have been made an unconditional offer, you can still shop around on results day (or before – clearing actually opened on July 5th) to make sure you make the right choice of course for you at the right university. UCAS has also warned universities not to put students under pressure to accept places in a few hours or by offering incentives like free iPads or discounted fees.

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