Laundry lowdown

Need to do your laundry? Follow our tips

· Take clothes out of the washing machine, shake out and straighten before spacing out on a drying stand (you can buy one at Wilko for £9). Smooth clothes flat when dry and hang in a wardrobe or fold neatly and stack in a drawer. No ironing required

· Change sheets once a week and wash at 60C. Pull back your duvet every morning and open the window to air the bed and room. Wash towels every week at a high temperature of 60C or above. Never share towels to avoid spreading germs

· Sort your clothes into lights and darks so you don’t end up with everything being a lovely shade of pink or grey! Check washing instruction labels on clothes. Light colours can usually be washed at higher temperatures to darks. Wash woollens at low temps or hand wash, lightly spin and dry flat. Wash all dark clothing together at 40C and turn jeans inside out to minimise colour loss. Try to fix a day when you do this – every Sunday? Make it a socially distanced event with one friend from your bubble

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