To go or not to go, that is the question…

Many students are questioning whether to follow their original plan and head off to university this autumn in the light of the changes to everyday life caused by the Corona Virus. Universities are slowly releasing their plans that include online lectures and living in “bubbles” with other students from your course to go some way to ensure the safety of this intake.

Many students may want to delay as they feel they won’t get the proper student experience but consider the alternatives. It’s hardly ripe territory for a gap year with travel off the agenda and jobs or work experience hard to get so it will mean living at home with your parents for another year when you had planned your escape! Of course, you can brush up on your lifeskills and take more responsiblity for cooking, cleaning and budgeting to arrive in 2021 fully equipped!

However, consider that you may even get a better student experience – less pressure on having the “best” freshers week, enforced getting to know a smaller group of people who will all be doing the same course and under the same pressures. Study areas will probably be set up with social distancing and already lend themselves to it. You can still exercise on your own and explore the new city around your university and who knows there may be a relaxation in social distancing well before the end of the first year. The important thing is to weigh up your options and make an informed decision.

The thought of paying the same fees has been an issue for some but are you really going to get a lot less for your money? Contact/lecture time is already very low and many students are unhappy with what they get for their fees without the pandemic. It’s highly unlikely that universities will reduce fees – many institutions will be in dire financial straits with fewer UK, EU and international students going this year. Perhaps do some due diligence on your intended university’s situation and see if there are any caveats in place over providing tuition and any refunds if they can’t.

Please do send us your views , are you delaying or still going? Are you under pressure from parents to stay or go? Let us know and we’ll publish them here.

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