Top 10 universities for healthier student lifestyles revealed

Often synonymous with hangovers, takeaways and library all-nighters, uni students have never had the best rep when it comes to maintaining their overall health. But according to recent research from MyStudentHalls, the student accommodation website, not only do one-in-five students identify as completely sober, they are now more likely to splash their cash on the gym than they are drinking. Universities have even seen demand for sober, and quieter, student accommodation, as students lead healthier lives.

MyStudentHalls that found that the University of Nottingham offers students the best health and fitness facilities of any UK university, topping a list of 28 of the country’s best , from The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019.

Using public data around everyday health, fitness and wellness resources, the research looked at the accessibility of facilities, fitness classes and societies - from yoga and meditation to sober student clubs - which support a healthy lifestyle, reflecting the breadth, number and cost. The universities were then ranked based on points received for each, as an informed overview of accessible resources (‘accessible’ means easy to find- via student union websites, official university websites, websites of official university affiliates). Good places to look when you do your own research.

When two universities received the same total score, ranking was determined by breadth of health and fitness resources offered under memberships. Nottingham scored 18 points out of a possible 26 and offers more sports clubs than any other and one of the cheapest gym membership at £159 compared to some costing an eye-watering £660. Mind you, Imperial offered one of the cheapest gym memberships in the research: £30 a year, for access to gym and swim. Glasgow is also famous for its Sober Sonic club nights: completely alcohol-free nights out and Bristol's SU Wellbeing Network plays an active role in keeping students happy and healthy with regular meetups and events.

Top 10

1 Nottingham

2 Edinburgh

3 York

4 Glasgow

5 Bristol

6 Cambridge

7 Newcastle

8 Exeter

9 St Andrews

10 Imperial College London

For the full top 20, check out

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